Considering a Chip Seal Driveway

Dear John, I have been considering getting a new driveway at my ohio residence for a long time now. Concrete is not option as I don’t like the look very much but instead am looking for a gravel driveway. It gives a good look but the dust that accompanies it could be a problem. Is there some way I can get both the benefits? If that is possible, I would really be interested to know more about it.

Kathy L.

Dear Kathy, as I can see you’re not interested in the concrete finish because of their stark look. Well, that is a valid concern, but before writing of concrete driveways and blacktop driveways, it is necessary to realize that nowadays you can apply a variety of faux finishes to the driveways which can help you get the look you want. By coloring and stamping patterns into your driveway you can get them to resemble anything, including cobblestone, brick and stone.

If you are not at all interested in concrete or blacktop driveways, then the most viable option for you is tar and chip driveway. This is preferred by many experts, me included, for numerous reasons:

  • Affordable
  • Less maintenance requirements
  • Attractive
  • Durable and utilitarian

Tar and chip driveways or “Chip Seal” and pavement services are not a new concept at all. This process has been around for many years and have been modified to create newer techniques including the modern day versions you see today. This method has been so popular that until the 1930’s almost every road or highway was built with the tar and chip seal method. Its durability has long been proven, thus making it a favorite of many experts, municipalities and homeowners.

The look that is provided to you by tar and chip paving process is amazing as it can be used to emulate many textures and patterns that would give your home that extra bit of charm. Surprisingly, nowadays the popularity of tar and chip driveways in ohio has gone down in favor of the blacktop.

Still many homeowners like yourself are still constantly on the lookout for the tar and chip look. However most paving companies in ohio may not be skilled in the installation of tar and chip driveway surfaces. Despite needing the same type of equipment that is needed to install blacktop surfaces, few paving contractors in ohio are actively providing these services.

The only specialized piece of equipment that is required for tar chip paving services is a truck that has an insulated tank to be able to transport the hot tar to the construction site. This truck consists of a small engine that is connected to pump. The pump is used to deliver the tar via a nozzle and hose. A skilled professional will then apply the tar to the area followed by the application of the colored stone bits into the tar. New driveways will require two applications of the materials while older ones can be done properly in one go.

The only material that is difficult to find in this process is the variety of colored stones that you want. Depending on your want you can choose any amount of colors to put in your driveway and give it a much better look. The rest of the material required is basically the same that is used for the application of blacktop surfaces. .

We are very proud to say that Alum Creek Paving is qualified to provide you Chip Seal Services in Columbus Ohio and neighboring towns. If you have any questions or would like a proposal please feel free to contact us at 614-245-5170.

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